Pandemic hits our country(Philippines) that affects our normal lives. This is a worldwide scenario that everyone is experiencing today. This unexpected pandemic (Covid-19) started a panic to all people particularly by hoarding essential goods without thinking of others need. Most of the companies are not financially prepare for this kind of effect that result to more than  two million unemployed due to the economic downfall. Businesses close since the implementation of the lockdown that resulted to low demand of services offer. Leisure events and the most adventurous tours was also halted because of this Covid-19pandemic. Now, for us to cope and keep forward we embrace the New Normal thing.

 As a Filipino Citizen we should practice our loving culture for our country and  other people by doing simple things or act. Showing our kindness and not being rude to other’s. Offer our open hands to help our fellow Filipino by giving them small things they need. Sharing our blessings to the less fortunate especially this time of pandemic. Send prayer for our family, friends, front liners and relatives who are away from us or make a simple call or  text saying(kamusta kana?)  to show them that we care for them.  The most important thing is wearing our mask, face shield and by observing social distancing in public places is part of loving our country and other people.

We need to keep in mind that this simple act is part of patriotism.Even though we experiencing this worldwide pandemic, Let’s continue encourage our selves and other people to stay motivated. Let’s win this fight by helping our country and obeying the health protocols. Let’s be brave and don’t loose Hope. Remember,  Our Country (Philippines) is our Home that we need to love like our family.

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