COVID-19 pandemic affects the lives of all people world wide. It affects our financial needs, work status, and daily activities. We, Filipinos experienced a tough times during this pandemic. These includes how to get the daily needs of the whole family just to survive the day. The  Philippines is experiencing an economic recession and most companies laid-off employees due to financial constraints. Other companies close their businesses particularly the non-essentials services. 

During lock down and quarantines, the world seems to stop for a moment.  Even the busiest high way in the metro,  EDSA has limited public transportation. This kind of pandemic is challenging for all of us because up to date there is still no cure for such disease.

The Government and other private organizations doubled their efforts to control this virus and help the people to cope in this situation. Philanthropist in the Philippines sent help through distribution of food packs in slum areas. Big Companies also share and contribute goods  for our fellow Filipinos who needs help  in this time of crisis.

Many of us are experiencing a hard times during this pandemic. This is an unexpected event that keep most of us unprepared. That is why it is important that we need to show care and love for each other. If we know someone that needs help may it be our family members, friends, relatives, neighbor, workmates, etc., it is important that we open our hands to help them and give whatever we can even in our own little ways. If you feel your neighbor needs food don’t forget to bring them a bowl of food or snacks. If you know someone who is experiencing depression and anxiety and may need someone to talk to, you may volunteer yourself to talk to them until they can fully express their feelings and may feel relief. If you have so much resources and you want to extend your help in the community,  you may look for a reliable NGO’s to deliver your share or your donation ( is one of the NGO’s that assist people during this time).

Showing care and love to our fellowmen doesn’t literally means giving them financial aid. We can also show care and love by taking care of ourselves and keeping ourselves safe from the virus. We can all do this by religiously obeying safety health protocols set by the government and our local government units. These includes wearing your face mask and face shield always in public places  to save others from virus, proper hygiene by washing your hands more often, sanitizing and disinfecting your areas.  

Sending your friends some  motivational and informative messages are also some ways to show care for them. Little ways may it seems but can give big benefits to all of us.  Let is help each other to stay in line and keep going. For now, let’s embrace the new normal life and stay healthy. Let us continue to love our country and our fellow Filipinos.

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