“BER” Months in the Philippines

Colorful lights in street  appeared, caroling sounds everywhere and theGiant Christmas tree display is a sign that Christmas season is approaching. Filipino knows that “Ber” months is the start of Christmas celebration in the Philippines. Filipino houses starts decorating traditional parol and lights. Everyone is preparing for this special event of the year.

 Filipino children are the most excited in this event because of the colorful lights in the street, christmas jingles, santa clause and the Gift from their Ninang and Ninong. Ber months in the philippines is part of the filipino culture, a thanks giving for the fruitful year and also this is the time to give love and bring hope for others.

Ber months is the busy months of the year. This is a  season of joy and the happiest months of the year.  Fiestas everywhere, Christmas Party, Family Reunion and Gatherings are usually set during Ber Months.

This year 2020, Ber months already started.  We’ve been wondering what’s the New Normal Christmas celebration? Filipino people started to move forward even though, this year is a painful and tough year for all of us. But, still Filipinos believe that we will win this battle and that there’s a Hope amidst this crisis.  This is the time to remember the goodness of our almighty God. Filipinos remain stable and full of perseverance. Despite of the challenges and sacrifices that filipino encountered this year. [AE1] 

The true essence Christmas is to give unconditional love to others. Christmas season is the best way to express our love for others. Forgive people who hurt us and  continue to bless/ share what we have. Let us continue to love our country like our family. Treat our fellow filipino like our brothers and sisters. Open our hands to anyone who need help to give hope and encouragement. Again, love our country.

Merry Christmas.


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